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Turtleneck Layers

turtleneck layers ada kokosarI’m starting the post by assuming that all of you have at least one turtleneck something; sweater most probably, maybe a dress or a t-shirt.

I had nothing but turtleneck sweaters when I was a kid, probably because my mom thought two birds with one stone since a turtleneck sweater means – most of the time – not having to wear a scarf. In time I came to realize that I don’t enjoy the very snug turtleneck feeling around my neck, however I kept worshiping loose boat neck sweaters. Besides the feeling, regular jersey or slim fit cotton turtlenecks always come across as too “bland”. Then Ece Sükan ushered in a new age for me by layering turtlenecks and basically wearing them under every piece of garment possible. Not only they keep the body warmer especially for summery stuff like deep V necks or thin fabrics (which is vital in Canada) they also seem to be adding that one thing missing from the look, every single time.

turtleneck layers pfw

turtleneck layers grey turtleneck layers london




turtleneck layers nyfw turtleneck layers paris detailturtleneck layers miroslava duma

image sources:, lee oliveira, the cut, harper’s bazaar, stockholm street style, a blog on love, vogue, w magazine


    • eliffilyos says

      it looks great!
      and yes, I was always repulsed by the idea of turtlenecks but i think it’s time to reconsider them!

  1. I wear them. I was at the dermatologist Friday and his assistant made a snide remark about people still wearing clingy turtlenecks. Rude @$#€!£@×

    • eliffilyos says

      what does she know?! it’s ada kokosar and leandra medine approved, go tell her that!

    • eliffilyos says

      ugh, i wish it was hot enough to just wear a turtleneck sweater here! :p

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