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Pick a Side

anthony vaccarello2And better make sure it’s deep enough, like you only ever had hair on one side of your head.

We choose sides for everything we own, believe or like (sleeping, posing for cameras, writing – eventually resulting in a well applied nail polish only on one hand – a probable one foot half size bigger than the other situation, political views and more) so why not do the same with our hair? For me, it comes and goes every few months, when I can’t keep on styling my hair mid-parted I run to the arms of side swept hair. The side depends on which eyebrow or cheek I want to conceal however I believe it looks better from left to right, can’t be proven why.

carven2 opening ceremony

image sources: vogue uk, wwd


    • eliffilyos says

      i think it really depends on your face, your hair type maybe even the shape of your head! like for example some people can not even part their hair to a side, it has to stay in the middle all the time.

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