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Five Stages of Winter

tfmdrapes4.jpgBlack draped long dress Nasty Gal // black maxi coat Vintage (similar here) // colorful fur collar Asos // brown leather-suede boots Zara (similar here & here)

You know when everything goes bad or something really absurd happens on top on everything else you start laughing it off and having fun where you should actually be crying? Right now I am exactly at that point when it comes to cold and winter.

I know it’s going to happen, but still, every passing year I feel even more miserable. Couple of days ago the Facebook account “Meanwhile in Canada” shared a post titled “five stages of winter” which are, respectively: shock, denial, anger, depression and April. It made me LOL because it indeed is very much true. December and January I can take, all you have to deal is the fact that it’s at least 20 degrees colder than regular climate, but once you accept that truth you kind of get along with it. March is the problem. Your body is programmed for spring its whole life and it just doesn’t arrive. (I’m not even talking about April). Oh God.






tfmdrapes.jpg tfmdrapes2.jpg 




  1. The whole outfit is pure perfection, the coat is beautiful and the collar and boots complement the outfit, making it flawless. Colours look great together as well.

    thanks for sharing! xx

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