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Christophe Lemaire F/W 2014

Christophe Lemaire FW2014 14Understated luxury. Modern minimalism. Customised classics. Whatever words you choose to describe Christophe Lemaire, there’s one thing for sure: his women represent everything I’ve ever wanted to be.

I know every season we have the hit collections and feel obligated to buy at least one piece of clothing that we will never ever take a second glance at, that’s what makes fashion fun. But honestly, if someone told me that I have to live off Christophe Lemaire for the rest of my life, I think I’d be ok. A pinch of  depotentiated Margiela, modernized Hermes and plenty of sartorial inspiration, Lemaire delivers the simple structure and contemporary luxury we all covet, especially for the past 3 seasons (S/S 2014, F/W 2013). Best part of this collection: a brand new justification for buying two of the same sweater in the same color (hey, I’m going to wrap the other one around my neck, alright?!)


Christophe Lemaire FW2014 6

image source: the cut

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