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Sunny Came Home

tfmcasual.jpgBlack peacoat Topshop (similar here) // green faux fur top Stylenanda (similar here & here) // jeans Zara // black boots H&M (similar here) // houndstooth scarf FrontRow Shop // leather backpack Onna Ehrlich

During a dinner couple of days ago we were discussing, as 5 immigrants, if we’d prefer living in Montreal – a city with a horrible winter but amazing summer – or somewhere else where it’s never this cold but always rainy.

I told, as much as I hate cold, I’d always go for less humidity & more sunshine no matter what. However, there were some people on the table that don’t believe that Montreal is a sunny city, they think it’s always grey and depressing and even if it’s sunny, it’s a sign of doomsday (below -20 in our terms). My point; I think they are wrong because Montreal really is sunny (case in point) but also they are right because while shooting these photos I most probably had a face paresis, especially from the cold wind flow rocking me back and forth.



tfmcasual4.jpg tfmcasual2.jpg tfmcasual8.jpg tfmcasual6.jpg


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