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C’est Mieux Au Naturel

vera wangIf there is one big plot twist in the movie that is make up & beauty, it’s how much effort it takes to establish the “all natural” look.

Believe me, if I wanted to put on make up as if I were to star and dance in a circus it would be much more easier than to achieve the perfect “my face looks like a baby’s ass and my eyes are like a gazelle’s whereas I have auto-blushing definitive cheekbones” look. Of course it’s not the case for freakishly beautiful people, Parisian woman and models (as witnessed by NY Times T magazine’s model morphosises – excuse me, what has changed exactly after make up?) but not everyone has the chance to look pretty rather than sick without any make up.

For the F/W 2014 collections, I realized that the natural make up trend – which has always been adopted by brands with more minimal or structured styles – started taking over the whole runway, even the most gaudy collections were toned down by natural beauty looks. It’s always there, which means it’s not and never a “trend”, but this year maybe the year we can actually embrace the “I look a little sick but infact I’m cool as hell” face. I have to do something about my undereyes though. Yeah.



dolce gabbana

proenza schouler marni

image sources:, harper’s bazaar

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  1. Looking close like this you really can see the effort that went into getting this to look so natural….as is the case in so many other parts of life: sports, art, music, writing, design. What looks so easy has actually taken a lot of work. Nice post. Thanks.

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