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Cabbage Patch Kid

tfmgreyshearling2.jpgGrey shearling & suede coat Vintage (similar here) // white leather t-shirt Topshop (similar here) // b&w printed trousers Topshop (similar here & here) // burgundy zipped booties ALDO (similar here & here) // sunglasses Spitfire

I don’t know if it makes the same sense in English though, but in Turkish we have a saying for when we wear one layer over another – to turn into a cabbage. And even though I usually despise this magical vegetable, I most certainly like to dress like one.

A little hard to move and ineffective if you choose the wrong fabrics (a long sleeve shirt + leather t-shirt + shearling coat combo was a right choice) but surely it shows how skillful you are in terms of dressing up and enlivens every outfit. I am still only a layering rookie, constantly playing math games with my wardrobe trying to figure out what goes on top of what, but it surely is fun.

tfmgreyshearling.jpg tfmgreyshearling7.jpg

tfmgreyshearling4.jpg tfmgreyshearling6.jpg tfmgreyshearling8.jpg tfmgreyshearling9.jpg tfmgreyshearling5.jpg


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