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Don’t Need No Eyebrows

alexander wang fw2014 bleached eyebrows marc jacobs bleached eyebrows bleached eyebrows3It all started when I decided to be a ghost (laaaame) for my first even halloween in 2010 and since I made this decision only 2 hours before going out, the only options I had was to wear everything white I own on top of each other and powder my entire face. Since I have really black and bushy eyebrows, I used concealer and white eyeshadow to make them disappear and honestly, whenever I look at the photos from that night – as dreadful as I look – I really fancy my invisible eyebrows. Then came magazine covers (self service), girl with the dragon tattoo, some runway beauty captures, Miley Cyrus on the cover of W magazine (made me wonder WHY the hell I thought she looks beautiful) then some more recent runway looks (Alexander Wang & Marc Jacobs) so now it’s official. We absolutely do not need eyebrows anymore. Besides if I do it I can try being a blonde, I’ve always wondered if they really have more fun.

bleached eyebrows and piercing

miley cyrus w magazine bleached eyebrows

image sources: w magazine, pinterest, harper’s bazaar


  1. L'aura says

    I agree with you girl, I have dark brown hair and I never liked big, full eyebrows on myself. Although I don’t like the idea of my eyebrows completely gone, i like to have really thin eyebrows.

  2. it just depends on the person. like some of the photos, a few look really nice w/out the eyebrows but some don’t. if it fits your face then go for it. me, personally, I like mine plucked and arched just fine.

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