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Baring It All

tfmbareleg10.jpg tfmbareleg9.jpg tfmbareleg5.jpgWhite envelope skirt Nasty Gal // black wool jacket H&M (similar here) // navy & burgundy bomber jacket Topman (similar here) // black suede boots Zara // sunglasses Spitfire

So this happened. I went outside somehow bare legged – bare assed and thighed at least. Despite my husband’s grumble and officially “not accepting any accusations in case I become cystitis” (and possible “what the hell are you wearing?!” message coming from my mom tomorrow) I actually didn’t feel the cold. This was my everest and proved my long-alleged argument: as long as the (my) upper body and feet are warm, you (I) shouldn’t feel any cold from the legs. I’m not pointing any fingers or accusing anyone but come on, if I can bare it all in Montreal, so can you people. So can you.

tfmbareleg.jpg tfmbareleg2.jpg



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