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Topshop Unique F/W 2014

Topshop Unique fw201413

Topshop Unique fw201419Stop the news cause Topshop’s in town, baby! It’s always one of the collections I look forward to, not only because it’s one of the few I can actually afford and buy, but also because I seriously consider it as a game changer, if not, fabulously inspiring. The S/S 2014 collection was a little bit of a letdown but I’m thinking me preferring fall over summer played a big part on that. For the F/W 2014 though, I don’t know if I like the clothes or the styling more, but I am literally jumping up and down in my apartment. This Topshop Unique collection is definitely the best thing that can happen to me (us, everyone) on a cold, boring sunday. It is the abraham’s bosom for layerers; with wool over shirts, leather over wools, fur over leathers. Royal blue meeting heather grey then jumping on to camel, nude and red; using burgundy as a step ladder to finish with black – the colour scale was everything you can ask for in a winter collection. I love you London and I love how meticulously edgy you are.

Topshop Unique fw20147

Topshop Unique fw201417 Topshop Unique fw201421Topshop Unique fw201424 Topshop Unique fw201425

Topshop Unique fw201436

image source: the cut


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