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Buckle Up

tfmbuckle3a.jpg tfmbuckle5a.jpg tfmbuckle4a.jpgWhite boucle coat Zara (similar here) // black peacoat Topshop (similar here & here) // velvet leggings H&M // black combat boots Zara (similar here & here) // sunglasses Spitfire // dotted leather backpack Onna Ehrlich

Bundle up, layer up, everything up for that matter. Sweaters, coats – then more coats. And belts to keep the whole mess in order & tighten the gaps that can allow cold in. Besides, gold always goes amazing with black so I can not complain so much about the cold at this moment. Another thing that makes me want to wander around even in a weather like this is my new Onna Ehrlich backpack (once every decade a full grown Elif gets a new bag so it’s a big deal) a brand I recently – and so gladly – discovered. With everything else I am completely the mindless shopper, the “buy less, buy better” mantra never seems to be working forme – except for bags. I only buy bags that are of high quality and that match my every single bag criteria in terms of design and practicality. I’ve been searching for the perfect backpack for more than a year and I’m so pleased with my waiting game since I was awarded with “the one” at the end. Should consider doing this more.

PS: Speaking of which, I am selling a lot of my stuff. Check them out!



    • eliffilyos says

      I think it’s from a Turkish brand called Ipekyol but I’m not sure :/ (confessions of a shopaholic)

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