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Alexander Wang F/W 2014

alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-20_00221045279 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-46_002231172090 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-18_002209245582I can’t speak for all the showgoers today most of whom seem to be immune to frostbite from what I can see from the photos but I’m pretty sure they’d agree with me on this one: it was all worth the L train trip. I honestly didn’t get why they freaked out so much about going to Brooklyn to watch a show, I mean half the people watching those shows live in Brooklyn and basically do that commute everyday; but whatever. I flew out of a birthday party earlier than a 20 something girl is supposed to just to come home to Alexander Wang’s f/w 2014 collection photos, and it was all worth that commute too. I said, if my memory serves me right, in september when making a post about Wang’s S/S 2014 collection – that for me fashion week officially starts with the Wang runway. Anything that happens before that is just warm up.

If I were a former boy scout who would be willing to go hunting in my high heels with some English gentlemen, this collection would be the only thing that I could ask for. Despite not having a single clue on how to use those pockets and add-ons, I most certainly want to have one of those bags. And that little ligther “compartment” on the side of the riding boots even make me, a sworn non-smoker, freak out – I can always use it for lipstick, right? Besides setting the accessory trends for the upcoming season, Wang yet again dazzled our minds with his signature pattern play: overlock mesh dresses, twisted knits, lazer cut prints and an almost crocodile skin texture trick won the night.

alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-03_002156242606 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-06_002159356862

alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-07_002159842636 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-08_002200360612 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-09_00220184951

alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-23_002213157174 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-24_002213518088 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-28_002217927014

alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-35_002222513140 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-36_002223882551 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-37_002224892059 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-51_002235425089


alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-63_002245978647 alexander-wang-rtw-fw2014-details-64_002246132655



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