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Seafoam Is The Warmest Color

seafoam-turquoise interiors7 seafoam-turquoise interiors12seafoam-turquoise interiorsOr turquoise? Or aqua? Maybe aquamarine? Maybe even cyan? Throughout my 26,5 years of life I’ve never been able to figure it out –  and I’d like to call myself an expert on colors, at least I’m attentive enough to distinguish shades but with this specific shade of blue, I officially suck. As I talked about in one of my previous posts, I’m normally not a fan of any shade of blue but lately it seems like it’s popping out of nowhere and starting to catch my attention. First blue fur coats and now seafoam interiors. I personally prefer the lighter blue scale (like half light blue – half light green) which I call seafoam as opposed to a more loud turquoise, mainly because it reminds me of vintage rusty furniture. No wonder I fell in love with the eroded roofs of historical buildings in Berlin.

seafoam-turquoise interiors14

seafoam-turquoise interiors18

seafoam-turquoise interiors15

seafoam-turquoise interiors11

image sources: pinterest, elle decor, domaine home, deuce cities henhouse, mechant design, tumblr


  1. LOVE that colour. I personally have always called it turquoise. Painted a dresser with it once and it was gorgeous if I do say so myself! 🙂

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