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Cool, Not Cool

tfmcool5.jpgtfmcool7.jpg tfmcool9.jpgHerringbone jacket River Island (similar here) // leather trousers Asos (similar here & here) // leather brown boots Topshop (similar here & here) // croc bag vintage

The term “freezing my ass off” just took a new meaning while I was trying to showcase my ironically uncool necklace and herringbone jacket. Turns out being cool is simply not so cool for me and I must have put on the goose down coat but hey, for the sake of the blog what’s a little chill between us. (I’m crying on the inside because it’s only february and I’m already sick of winter.) Oh it’s always snowing here btw, in case you haven’t noticed.

tfmcool8.jpg tfmcool6.jpg tfmcool3.jpg tfmcool4.jpg tfmcool.jpg tfmcool2.jpg


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