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Eames vs Tolix

natural and black eames dining chairs

purple tolix chairsIt’s not a battle between middle earth characters or a fancy lawsuit between two firms regarding competition law. It’s a matter of chairs, a very important decision to be made once you are having a dining room make over: should I get Eames chairs or Tolix chairs? Or both? Eames is the queen of minimal eclectism with its spider legs and curvy design whereas Tolix is the king of rustic – industrial interiors. Surely it depends highly on the tone of your house and other furniture but I find Eames to be more compatible with everything. However, Eames is plastic which I fairly don’t like so much, Tolix is as beautiful as metal gets. On the other hand (I’m not finished yet) Eames also has the rocker chair option which blows my mind.

To sum up: they are both extremely beautiful and somehow I have to find a way to shelter them together. For black and pink (and white, and mesh) it’s definitely Eames, for silver or dark green it’s without a doubt Tolix. It’s like Sophie’s choice, really.

silver tolix and black eames

white eames and silver tolix

black-tolix-and-white eames

image sources: pinterest, elle decor, from scandinavia with love


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    I got the Eames in black and wooden legs for my industrial-kind-of dining room and don’t regret it!!!

  2. I have both in my home. My husband prefers the Eames but I love the look of Tolix. Either is fine but we use the Eames in a spare bedroom to soften the look and the Tolix for a rugged look in the dining room. But when it comes down to it, we have more Eames furniture than anything.

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