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Glittering Grammys

Taylor Swift in Gucci Premiere

Ciara In Emilio PucciI’m going to be honest with you, I almost didn’t make this post. Not because I didn’t have the time or something but simply because I wasn’t feeling it. There were some OK looks but compared to previous years it was actually a lot “meh”. No Rihanna, no Beyoncé (she was the opening performer so she skipped red carpet, she later appeared in a stunning Michael Costello during the show) no Miley Cyrus to gossip over, Rita Ora looking beautiful and classy in Lanvin but there was nothing to freak out about. Most talked about woman was pregnant Ciara in a custom made Emilio Pucci sequinned gown, looking truly radiant. Then Taylor Swift came (later on her crazy hair joined the act too) with a chainmail, super glamourous Gucci and won the night. I really can not stand her or her music or especially her dance moves in award shows (she looks like my grandma trying to rap) but the hell she looks good.

Still though, I wasn’t convinced to do the post, I need at least 5 good looks to make it worth the effort. However I wasn’t thinking about the guys, the guys! Jared Leto and his beautiful ombre hair, a very much cleaned up super cute Macklemore in a velvet teal suit, Daft Punk and their ah-mazing boots and gloves, Steven Tyler and his all white look, Lars Ulrich‘s crazy cool outfit (hot couple alert) and of course, Pharell Williams and his Smokey the Bear hat. Oh that hat, which already has its own Twitter acount.

To hand it to some ladies who managed to avoid that artist zestlessness – Iggy Azalea in a dreamy Elie Saab, Alicia Keys rocking a blue plunging neckline, Pink trying out a red gown for the first time (though her mind blowing performance really outdid everything else) two Annas (Anna Kendrick and Anna Faris) looking good (it’s no surprise that they are both actresses). Oh BTW, remember that Valentino music notes gown that we saw 3 days ago on the runway? It turns out they shipped that thing out right after the show because Katy Perry was indeed wearing it. And it wasn’t as dreamy as it sounds.

You can click on the photos to see the name of the artist & designer.Jared Leto's Hair



Ryan Lewis & Macklemore



Giuliana Rancic In Alex Perry



Daft Punk



Katy Perry In ValentinoCyndi Lauper


image sources: e online, the hollywood reporter, us magazine

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