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A Man’s World

uomo milan street stylebag grey yellowOr at least it was for the past one month with Pitti Uomo and Milano men’s fashion week (still going on with Paris), and I couldn’t be happier. See me, I’m not the kind of girl who would be attracted to guys with muscles and everything but the ones with such a style that would inspire me. The intrinsical boldness these  guys have that reflects directly to their outfits and attitudes literally mesmerize me. And on a more superficial note, I am totally into that tucking the huge ass scarf under the one button jacket thing. So into that.

stockholm street style uomo walk uomo uomo street style tommy ton street style uomo ss streetstyle duo shoes scarf orange layering nick wooster pitti street style pitti uomo pink pitti uomo street style nick wooster street style menswear fall 2014 LEEOLIVEIRA-4m13 khaki menswear blue jacket (2) burgundy capes duo blue jacket socks uomo fall 2014 tommy ton menswear v 4 uomo

image sources:,, the cut, w magazine, le21ieme, stockholm street style, lee oliveira

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