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Belt the Knit

pernille belt over sweater bubble sweater with beltCaroline IssaAs all the women out there with tiny waists and wide hips would know, belts (thin waist belts, to be more accurate) are god sent. It’s the only way we can tell the world “I know my thighs are big but do you see how small my waist is?!” which is why I used to put a belt over every piece of cardigan / coat I could find in college. Then I lost some weight and started wearing jeans with sweaters instead of dresses and that’s when I let go of the belt, until now. Now is when belting the sweaters are major and it’s Caroline Issa + Pernille Taisbaek + Sonia Rykiel approved (and I almost bought a huge pompom headband in 2010 just because Nathalie Rykiel told me so) not to mention Marc Jacobs or Olivia Palermo. I’m sure everyone can adopt this trend to their own style, it’s one of those things that would go with everything and flatter the body no matter what.

sonia belt over sweater

belt sweater and fur

belt over sweater black

image sources: look de pernille, the sartorialist, park & cube, stockholm street style, pinterest


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