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Français Renversé

matte grey and white reverse french mani nude and burgundy reverse french black and white reverse frenchConfessions of a nail art virgin: I only tried french manicure 2 times in my life. One was for high school prom, second was for my wedding. That kind of neaty neat look is not for me, I’m a black in the winter – pastel in the summer kind of girl. And having teeny tiny 1cm  nails, I can not even consider nail art. The craziest thing I’ve ever tried was half black – half grey color blocks and let’s face it that’s just boring. But you know what’s not? Reverse french manicure. Playful, very easy to apply (cue scotch tape) and the best part is if you leave the base neutral or light grey, you can hold on to your mani for much longer. This is the best thing that happened to nails since gold foils.

grey and glitter reverse french purple and black reverse french mani

gold and black reverse french lela rose reverse french pink glitter reverse french mani half moon reverse french black and grey reverse frenchsources: love aesthetics, pinterest


  1. Nail art is one of my favorite things in the world, almost obsessed with my nails lol Love this post, the colors are to die for! I look forward to see you trying more nail art girly 😉 you can do it!

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