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Snow Leopard

tfmleopard2.jpg tfmleopard3.jpg tfmleopard4.jpgLeopard print coat Nasty Gal // white shirt Zara // jeans Zara // chunky boots To Be Announced

We shot this outfit two days before our departure from Montreal for the holidays and I’m still in my -relatively- warm hometown (Turkey) so even looking at these photos make me chill. Though I know that if I were to go back now I won’t be able to dress like that because of the mind numbing cold. And THIS I consider to be one of my chunkiest, most lookbook bloggerish look ever, given that normally I have a more minimal and classic style, but this is what cold does to you. Snow, I’m ok with. Snow I love. Below 30 degrees is what I’m not a fan of, ever. I have like 99 coats and I can’t wear any of them if you treat me like this MTL. You have couple of days to learn how to behave before I return.

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tfmleopard.jpg tfmleopard5.jpg


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