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Girl Crush: Alexandra Golovanoff

Alexandra Golovanoff17 Alexandra Golovanoff12Alexandra Golovanoff Alexandra Golovanoff, born in 1970 to a Russian father and half eastern European—Romanian half French mother, is a fashion journalist and French tv host, specializing in economics, politics and fashion. She is hosting 3 shows on Paris Première; “La Blonde et Moi” is about a day spent in the footsteps of men and women of influence, “La mode, la mode, la mode” is a program about luxury & fashion and another one related to interior design, visiting properties for sale or home of decorators which are remarkable in that province of Paris. This information is enough to admire her, then you see her chameleon style and always effortless hair and attitude – there goes the crush. She is absurdly charming, I guess that’s a natural consequence of her ancestors. It’s actually really nice to witness a “French style” that is based on colors, experiment and looking sharp and clean with a twist. To me, Alexandra is a real-life un-annoying Carrie Bradshaw and that’s my Everest.


Alexandra Golovanoff33

Alexandra Golovanoff26

Alexandra Golovanoff5

Alexandra Golovanoff10

Alexandra Golovanoff24image sources: trendycew, pinterest, tumblr, le 21ieme, stockholm street style, harper’s bazaar, garance dore, vanessa jackman, boutayna photos, gastrochic, puretrend, wayne tippetts


  1. LovinPR says

    She is amazing…I did not know her before but I feel I must do something to learn more. Her flavor and the work that she does is brilliant and a gift I wish we had in the states. I enjoyed this post!

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