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Severusly Black

tfmallblack6.jpg tfmallblack9.jpg tfmallblack8.jpgDark grey coat Choies // black mohair sweater dress H&M // leather trousers ASOS // black patent booties Zara

I did it! I wore all black. It was so black that I very much resembled Severus Snape everytime I didn’t smile, which was not pleasant. Sure he’s a big hero and our favourite character but let’s be honest, he’s not a looker. Mental note: next time try wearing your hair up, not wear black trousers under a black dress and maybe choose a coat that doesn’t look like a witch cape. Oh wait though, all my coats look like witch capes.

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tfmallblack.jpg tfmallblack2.jpg tfmallblack4.jpg tfmallblack3.jpg


  1. puritoentusiasmo says

    sometimes I wear the same look, pretty elegant and, at the same time, a bit sad… merry christmas. xx

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