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Metal Head

metal back tiaras metal bar metal wire hair bandsAnd by which I don’t mean swirling your long and preferably dirty hair around,  I just mean adorning your pretty hair with metal accessories. Anything you can find would do it; tiaras, combs, clips, bands, tubes or even some metallic wire to wrap around your ponytail. Though my favourite is still the Balenciaga back tiaras, of which I still can’t believe no cheap version or DIY tutorial has made yet. I’ve been waiting for months, maybe a year now and nowhere could I find even an ugly replica. I even tried to put my gold choker backwards on my head which resulted in a little hair damage and a lot of metal deformation. It would have made such cool new year’s eve hair…

metal bun holder metal ponytail metal bar clip bronze hair band balenciaga gold back tiara metal bar hair clip kelly osbourne metal spike clips

image source: pinterest

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