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Winter Bear

tfmgreylayers.jpg tfmgreylayers6.jpgtfmgreylayers7.jpgTeddy coat Front Row Shop // pinstripe wool blazer Zara // grey skinny jeans H&M // leather boots Mango // ink croc embossed bag Reiss

I, hereby officialy forbid anyone who is not living in Canada, Russia or the Arctic call what they “experience” winter and what they wear “winter street style”. Actually ever since I moved here I am in desperate need for some real freakishly cold weather style inspiration and am not able to find anywhere. Turns out, when it’s this cold, you are not supposed to look good anymore. I remember jumping on a slideshow gallery on Refinery29 couple of weeks ago titled “27 Inspiring Winter Style Snaps” hoping I would find something, anything. It turned to be a late summer, early autumn gallery and I was even more hopeless than before. So this is where I am now: if it’s between -5 and -19, layer up as much as you can, which means invest in oversized teddy or fur coats + slim wool jackets. When it’s -20 and less, just let it go. Even if you manage to look good you won’t be able to appreciate it because your brain cells will be frozen too. Happy Holidays everybody!

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tfmgreylayers3.jpgtfmgreylayers10.jpg tfmgreylayers2.jpg tfmgreylayers4.jpg tfmgreylayers8.jpg tfmgreylayers11.jpg


  1. When it’s this cold outside, you are not supposed to look good anymore? That’s the rule we Montanans live by! Here’s what I always say,” Welcome to Montana, where comfort overrules fashion. It has to if you want to survive.” Today it was -30 below zero. So you go ahead and rock that fur coat!

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