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The Palette

tfmpalette6.jpg tfmpalette2.jpg tfmpalette3.jpgI once dared myself to wear pink with anything other than white, black or grey. As you can clearly see I am very determined to keep my promises and winning the bets, this ambition in me took me so far. I haven’t even tried to pair it with anything else, heck I didn’t even think about it. Pink and blue, green, red or oh god brown or something?! No. (Insert grumpy cat face here). I’m just grateful that in Montreal, during winter, sometimes it gets as high as -5 which gives me the opportunity to put “actual winter street style” into practice and this pink fella is fuzzy enough to gain the MTL approval stamp. However that grey almost sheer sweater worn with nothing but a bra underneath DOES NOT get that stamp. Mental note.

tfmpalette5.jpg tfmpalette.jpg tfmpalette4.jpg

Pink fuzzy coat Topshop (similar here, here and here)

Grey roll neck sweater Topshop (similar here and here)

Faux leather trousers H&M (similar here and here)

Patent black booties Zara (similar here, here and here)


  1. Normalde asla pembe insanı değilim, dolabımda sanıyorum 1 ya da 2 zaruri pembe vardır ama bu tona bayıldım, yumuş yumuş ❤ Sana da cok yakısmıs

    • eliffilyos says

      teşekkür ederim ^_^ ben de normalde gri, siyah, beyazcıyım ama ondan sonra kesinlikle pembe. bakıyorum bir sürü kazak, hırka, ceket, pantolon, şort, etek ne ararsan var pembe 🙂

  2. Hi! I’ve fallen in love with this blog!! Your style is amazing, simple yet unique. I love the way you portray your outfit through your photos. You make the clothes seem so fun and new! Thank you for the inspiration.
    p.s. if you have time, check out my blog too! : )
    (It’s a fashion/art blog)

  3. I love your style, your leather pants and shoes look great together. The coat really stands out against them and gives it a more fem vibe, while still looking tough. Impressed!

  4. Your style is always so refreshing, chic and classy. Also, your witty and sweet personality shine in all your posts. Pleasure to follow your blog, glad you share it all and hope you have a great day. I think we all need a little pretty pink, daily 😉 Best, Christine

  5. Such a lovely outfit. A really wonderful combination of textures, and the pastel pink is a beautiful contrast to your monochrome sweater and trousers. Maya

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