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Party On My Eyes

metallic green eye shadowpurple green party eyes blue metallic eyesWhile the rest of the world is talking about Alexa Chung’s new cat eye tutorial, I would like to invite you to the opposite end of the minimal universe and consider a metallic – or holographic, if you may – party on your eyes, assuming you would embrace it given it’s the party season. I’ve never hidden my almost fetish for hologram (hint 1, hint 2, I don’t think we need a third) and had I not had hooded eyelids I would have so rocked the metallic eyeshadow. I even have a limited edition MAC eyeshadow with hints of blue and bronze, which with the help of the make up artist-sales people at the store looked like an amazing idea but was left to dust in a corner ever since. Better, it is an amazing alternative to the smoky eye for not-blue-eyed women; purple eyeshadow enhances green eyes, whereas blue goes perfectly with brown eyes (or almost black, like mine).

metallic blue eyes purple eye shadow blue eyeshadow undereye purple green eyeshadow metallic blue eyeshadow metallic green eyes green purple eye shadow blue party eyes

blue eyeshadow metallic

image source: pinterest


  1. Wow!! I so loved this post!! I totally feel like going buying some make up and get pimped. Lol. I was like: WOW, with every single make up. LOVED IT!

  2. noovernightguests says

    Wow! I love this post and appreciate how you have women with different skin, hair and eye colors rocking these looks!

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