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All The Cookie Monsters

alexa chung blue fur blue fur jacket rumi neely blue furAs much as I dislike the color blue, I realize that it has started to sneak into my life; quietly but determinedly. First, almost everything at my wedding was blue and I don’t remember asking for such a thing. Second, when I had the chance to buy that simple black cashmere sweater I was looking for god knows how long – I opted to buy the baby blue version and missed out on the black one. Me. Choosing blue over black. Acne effect? I don’t know. I can’t explain. But it’s obvious that blue is dominating like crazy lately, so much that I gave in at some point. And of course, the cutest way to embrace the trend is to look like the cookie monster whilst staying warm. Just be careful to choose the most furry one you can find and team it with simple and bold colors like black, white and grey unless you think you can pull off a “Kate Foley”.

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kate foley blue fur

 deep blue fur


  image sources: pinterest, popsugar, the sartorialist


  1. Lol!! You really made me laugh with that title. They look like cozy coats.

    “Camel” new blog post on:

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