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Winter Wonderland

tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss3tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss5a tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss1 Light grey roll neck sweater Reiss // black jacket with assymetric zip Reiss // black peacoat Reiss // grey skinny jeans H&M // burgundy velvet booties Topshop (similar here, here and here) // embossed croc messenger bag Reiss

Sooo, Merry Christmas! I am aware that we have 1 more week to go, but if you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, by now you should have understood that I’m obsessed with Christmas. O – B – S – E – S – S – E – D. I love everything about Christmas more than my birthday or any kind of anniversary. So you see, I am in Christmas mood starting from December 1st (ok maybe like November 22nd) till January 1st (ok… maybe like February 13th) and it’s not weird (at all) because I’ve heard that some people in Montreal keep their Christmas trees and lights almost until the end of winter (which is mid-April). Why? Winter is horrible enough, why give up the twinkling lights that boost up the mood? Just come here during festive period (or simply follow my or my friend Ali’s Instagram) to see the decorations at the villages, children sledding, hundreds of cafes filled with hipster Christmas stuff. Moral: Montreal rocks. Christmas rocks more.

Though for me, it has to snow all the time. No winter without snow, no Christmas without snow. And even though the myth about the weather staying around 0 degrees when it’s snowing is NOT TRUE, it is a fact that snow makes me able to wear fancier clothes. Snow means no slippery pavements, warmer weather and wonderful photo opportunities. And thanks to my REISS double layer jackets and how-can-it-be-so-cosy-and-chic-at-the-same-time sweater, I managed not to froze my ass off during the blizzard. I actually had the best time while people with shovels looked at me like I was crazy. You have to make peace with snow, folks.

 tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss6 tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss4 tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss2 tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss7 tfmwinterwonderlandforreiss8


  1. Your outfit looks so elegant yet cozy. Snow and Christmas are synonymous. I actually miss the snow since moving to the desert. xoxo

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