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Close Enough

repossi ear cuff repossi editorialrepossi vs fresh trends (2)

I should have an ear cuff here somewhere that I took from my aunt when I was 8 years old because I was too afraid to pierce my ears and being the dolly bird I was, I was dying to wear earrings and that silver cuff with a hanging chain was the closest I can get. I remember being too young at that time for it, and almost within a blink of an eye it became out of fashion. No one, including me, thought about giving it another chance until last year, when I first saw that 4 row Repossi cuff that is valued at €4k. It was so good that it still is so good. Since I can’t find my old pal and obviously in need of something of a substitute, I started searching for one. There actually are a lot of options but my favorite is the one from Fresh Trends considering it’s the only one made of real sterling silver and I have no intention to relive the traumatic high-school incident caused by cheap bijouterie studs resulting in 8 infected ear holes (yeah I had 8 of them at the same time). I know that technically I don’t have to put the cuff IN my ear but only around it, I still don’t want to take any risks.

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gaia repossi earcuff

image sources: pinterest,, repossi


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