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Zip Up

tfmcashmere3.jpg tfmcashmere7.jpg tfmcashmere8.jpgGrey coat American Apparel // blue cashmere sweater FrontRow Shop // jeans H&M // zip detail leather boots Zara

Shoes are always a mystery to me. I can’t get how a super comfortable looking sneaker could attack your bones whereas a bootie with such high and thin heel could be so comfortable. Ok so I didn’t spend hours in them walking around but still I was astonishingly content. And given the awesome, gorgeous and so many other thesaurus generated adjectives applied design of the boots, it’s a shame that I won’t be able to wear them frequently. It may not snow all the time but you never know when you’re going to step into some ice and slip. At least I have my blue cashmere sweater that I can wear all winter long. That’s something, right? Tell me it’s something. Tell me sweaters are way more important and definitive than shoes. Just tell me it’s alright, it’s alright…

[metaslider id=20217]


tfmcashmere4.jpg tfmcashmere2.jpg tfmcashmere5.jpg tfmcashmere6.jpgtfmcashmere9a.jpg tfmcashmere10.jpg


  1. daniella says

    love the entire look but I’m especially fond of the boots. Are they still available at Zara?

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