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Shine Bright Like a Trouser

wide leg silver trousers silver trousers silver trousers editorialBecause trust me, a trouser is the best asset you can have, not a diamond. Diamonds don’t keep you warm guys, nor they attract attention from 5  meters afar. And I highly doubt that you can find something that shines more than a pair of silver trousers, maybe a silver trench coat or something. For me, a gal who can rock silver pants can get away with anything in the world. Silver skinny jeans are easy though, I’m talking about wide leg silver trousers. Wes Gordon silver trousers. Tapered silver trousers. Silver FOIL trousers!

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elin kling silver trousers peony lim silver trousers silver elin kling silver trousers2

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image sources: pinterest, elin kling, urban spotter

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