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Forever Hairy


Fur panel sweatshirt Zara // white jeans Stradivarius // camel boyfriend coat Topshop // hairy sneakers Zara

There are some details, colors or objects in life that you spontaneously associate with someone you know. For instance; ruffles and peplums are my best friend, printed silk shirts are my mom, all kinds of baseball caps are my dad and everything hairy is me. You put fur, feather, boucle, camel hair, pony hair or even plush and velvet on an object and the odds of me buying that thing is raised by %200. Which explains why I didn’t hesitate to pair my new favorite sweatshirt with my even hairier slip ons. And what do you think about the title? I think that would make a good fast fashion chain name. You sure would like to come in every now and then and snuggle down with stuff until you get kicked out. It could also make a good feminist sanctuary name you go to embrace your body with everything you have.

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tfmwinterneutrals.jpg tfmwinterneutrals2.jpg tfmwinterneutrals7.jpgtfmwinterneutrals10.jpg tfmwinterneutrals8.jpg tfmwinterneutrals12.jpg


  1. sachathefox says

    I am totally in love with the A. Wang and MSGM sweaters! I think the zara sweater is a great alternative!

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