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Smell of Luxury

luxury candles diptyque at homediptyque luxury homeIn our low budget hipster MTL mansion, there are 4-5 items that are special, unique, precious or in other words not from IKEA. The vintage golden Danish lamp in the living room, our custom made wood coffee table with hairpin legs, small silver pitcher in the bathroom that we stole from our wedding (yeah we stole something from our own wedding), some vintage stuff I collected like deer antlers, oilers, mason jars etc, the Urban Outfitters side table we carried in our luggage from USA and… $30 worth UO candle that smelled so good and looked so amazing that I had to secretly buy.

Secretly because my husband’s – the guy who, being a guy, thinks we shouldn’t pay more than $10 for pillows, candles, frames, curtains or basically anything decorative – reaction when he first saw the price tag was “slowly put that down and turn around”. And since we already had tens of regular candles at home it didn’t seem like a necessary buy for me at first either. But with each passing day, I felt more and more drawn to idea of owning it. It doesn’t have a magical smell, you can’t lay back on it, it doesn’t have any functional power or it’s not the first thing you see when you enter the room. However my shopaholic desire of owning it outweighed everything else logical, so I bought it. We prefer treating it as a sculpture and it has only been lit once (of course) because it is too precious to be used up.

That was until I dove in the world of luxury home scents and saw that actually even Diptyque can be considered as student-friendly. Apparently folks, luxury indeed has a scent and you can smell it if you are willing to pay $$$$. I am leaving to light my beloved candle.

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image sources: pinterest, the coveteur


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