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The Coat

tfmfur6.jpgtfmfur4.jpg tfmfur8.jpgblack sweater Zara // olive coat with faux fur collar H&M // black jeans H&M // pony hair booties Choies

First of all it’s official, I can’t wear all black. Second of all, who needs all black when you have the perfect moss green – khaki long biker coat? Actually you know what, I think this coat needs all black because I can’t seem to be able to wear it with anything else… Do I care? No. Did I attack someone and kick her out of my way when I first saw it, get so excited and buy size 34 without trying and it turned out to be too big? Yes. Did I find the size 32 at my next H&M trip before I can return the other one back and buy size 32 too (what if that had been sold out before I could come again?!) so conseqently did I live with two of these for quite some time? Yes. Did I return to the store couple of weeks later only to find out that the price is reduced by %50? Yes, of course. Were there any size 32 left? No, haha! Elif 1, Montreal 0.

PS: Check out the new Shop feature of the blog to shop my closet!

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tfmfur2.jpg tfmfur3.jpg tfmfur.jpg tfmfur5.jpg tfmfur7.jpgtfmfur9.jpg


  1. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update says

    Another beautiful coat! As well as with black, I also think this dark moss green would look amazing with a little pop of cobalt.

  2. I like reading your articles, more than looking at the pictures. ( hard for a visual person )
    so witty & wise

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