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DATURA knot pantsDATURA mohair top DATURA smoking coat

Imagine you have that invaluable feeling of getting something you’ve been looking for your entire life %90 off on eBay or scoring an amazing vintage find, on one hand. And the inner sane voice inside of you saying you should invest in high quality, classic statement pieces instead of splurging a ridiculous amount of money on cheap stuff simply because you find that high quality stuff out of your budget, on the other hand. Now put your hands together and clap repeatedly because ladies and gentlemen, I’ve found the perfect brand: Datura.

Founded by Stefania Borras, a nature lover from Mallorca with brands such as Burberry included in her CV, Datura has a strict “natural fibers only” and “web only” policy (with an additional free shipping policy, yay!) which I find very determined in this day and age. Remediating the need to slow down and to live a healthier life, they believe that materials and process matter. What makes the pieces transform from boring to simple and sophisticated are the witty details, structured shapes and sturdy materials. With everything on sale almost half price on the website right now, I can’t think of a better way to plant my fashion seeds for winter. Oh and did I mention they have mohair everything? EVERYTHING!

DATURA mohair coat DATURA knot skirtDATURA mohair skirt DATURA mohair dress DATURA trousers (2) DATURA pantsDATURA dress DATURA mohair vest DATURA trousers DATURA knot shirt DATURA kimono DATURA jumpsuitDATURA cotton trousers DATURA grey sweat DATURA black dress DATURA scarf2 DATURA scarfimage source: DATURA


  1. eleonore mosimann says

    Wow! thank you for sharing, i didn’t know it, and I love this brand, it looks so perfectly cut! Pure and Essential…AND we share the same values. I’m in heaven right now!!!! MANY THANKS xxxx

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