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For The Love of Shearling

tfmshearling7.jpg tfmshearling6.jpg tfmshearling10.jpg

Sheepskin coat H&M, black blouse Oysho, jeans Zara, black pumps Zara, crocodile leather bag Vintage

Or for the love of Ada Kokosar since I blatantly, shamelessly, willingly copied one of her most memorable looks. You might as well call this post “TOW I was Ada” and get it over with. (I regret nothing!) My poorly constructed theory of keeping the body warm enough to have the license to freeze the feet is still valid, though I must say it is not possible to put into practice anymore. The day I wore this outfit was the last glimpse of fall in Montreal and we’ve already bid farewell to eachother. Right now my life is mainly about choosing between which chunky boots to wear or about figuring out how many layers of clothing would be enough to keep me warm since I still persist in not wearing a down coat. The battle between me and MTL is not pleasant.

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tfmshearling.jpg tfmshearling5.jpg tfmshearling8.jpg tfmshearling2.jpg tfmshearling3.jpg tfmshearling9.jpg


  1. brandilynnesm says

    Absolutely love this coat not to mention how you’ve styled it. Really draws your focus to the coat and it’s texture!

  2. ANDEE says

    I love the coat! May I ask what size you’re wearing? It looks very oversized!

    • eliffilyos says

      It’s the smallest size, eu32. But I am very petite (especially on the top) and this indeed is an oversized coat 🙂

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