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Dry Martini

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Last week two wonderful things happened to me (well it was 3 but the last one I’m keeping a secret). I said things because they actually were things. Not only did I find my 7 millionth angora sweater (just kidding, I only have 6) in the most perfect color, I also found THE jeans. You know that one pair of jean everybody should own and wear in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, till death parts them apart? Well up until several days ago I still hadn’t found mine and I was starting to lose my faith in soulmates… Then this pair caught my eye at Zara, a brand whose jeans are usually awful on me, standing alone behind some coats. My general problem with jeans is the excessive use of lycra that makes my thighs go from Shakira to Kim Kardashian, but this one was sturdy. And perfectly ripped. With the most beautiful color…

I don’t know if I should feel offended by the ugly truth that this size 36 jeans which look really skinny on me were actually sold under the name “boyfriend jeans” but I really, really don’t care. The leg length and slimness are perfect for me. And I indeed kissed her after the sales assistant wished us a lifetime of happiness together. There were some staring and laughing.

tfmolive.jpg tfmolive2.jpg tfmolive4.jpg tfmolive5.jpg tfmolive8 tfmolive10.jpg tfmolive7.jpg tfmolive9.jpgOlive angora sweater H&M (similar here)

Grey herringbone coat Mango (similar here and here)

Jeans Zara

White heels Zara (similar here and here)


  1. Mansi Dua says

    OH MY GAWWWWWD! Love those jeans! I have been looking for a such a pair of jeans for so long and now i know where to look. Thanx! Love your sweater and your blog! Love from India.

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