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Johanna Johnson Bridal 2014

Johanna Johnson Bridal9 Johanna Johnson Bridal12 Johanna Johnson Bridal15

If you thought for one second that the world’s obsession with 20’s inspired fashion or my obsession with wedding gowns are over, you were sadly mistaken. Looking at my very own wedding dress it’s no surprise that everytime I see an off white satin gown, I stop what I’m doing and start examining what’s infront of me. But Johanna Johnson took it to another level, executing the Gatsby glamour perfectly with her slinky gowns completed with art-deco details some of which look so regious that they are more (or equally – depending on the wedding) suitable  for a red carpet. Damn you actresses and not-married-yet women!

Johanna Johnson Bridal

Johanna Johnson Bridal2

image source: the knot


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