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Take It From Guys

3.1 Phillip Lim Damir Doma Saint LaurentI’m as passionate about menswear as the day is long, which is evident in almost every post on this blog. Let it be a styling trick, an attitude, an oversize cut or the eternal love for trousers; I find inspiration in menswear the most. Actually if I were a little taller I’d probably shop from mens sections even more, now I can only go with Topman‘s XS. In fact last week during a conversation with my husband about how lots of men (especially in Turkey) lack sartorial gusto, I opined that even though the sources and options are scarcer than womenswear, it should be a lot easier for men to dress up sharply even in their daily lives simply because if a man wears what I wear he would look really cool whereas I look like a schoolboy (again, insert here that I’m only 5’ 3″). I think at some point I said (out loud) that I wished I was a guy. As a woman working in fashion, I am somehow pressured to wear something feminine every now and then and day after day I find it so hard to come up with new, cutting edge outfits meanwhile my hubby is always a good-looker, even if it’s just a simple work day for him.

Luckily for me (or for men, depending on your perspective) menswear and womenswear are closer than they ever were. Everything a man wears, a woman can wear conveniently – so much that when I was browsing through menswear F/W 2013 collections I freaked out due to inspiration overload which ended in me buying that gorgeous pair of Miista oxfords which I had my eyes on for a long, long time. So come join me in saluting menswear and all its glory!

Acne Studios Acne Studios

Richard Nicoll Costume National

Dries Van Noten Fendi

Maison Martin MargielaJohn Galliano

Rick Owens Kenzo

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  1. How fun! These pieces are gorgeous and so very ‘out of the box’. My hubby would have to share his fabulously fashionable closet with me. Love your post!

  2. Great article! Your writing is top notch, and all these photos?! Incredible. Thanks for starting my Friday off with a bang. I’ve always been a bit envious of womenswear with the leather, prints, details etc. So glad to see the men’s market is finally swaying that way. Being 6’4, I grew out of being able to wear girls clothes a few years back 😉 again – great post.

  3. survivingmyteenageyears says

    Wow! All thoses pictures are ah-mazing! Could you please check out my blog or give me advice? I still don’t understand why know one has seen it! Kisses Naomie

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