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Return of The Leather

leather couch13 leather couch2 leather couch5

Maybe for you guys it never went anywhere but in my head, leather furniture is associated with law firms, rooms of CEOs or limos. They are so predominant that when you put a leather couch in a room it suddenly ages everything around it, making things boringly serious – or so I thought. Lately I’ve been thinking that it can actually be a part of contemporary or even cosy interior design when teamed up with right colors and textures. A leather single chair with wooden hairpin legs or a quilted vintage leather couch with colorful pillows and blankets put over a Moroccan rug, environed with plants and industrial furniture is worth sticking your ass and the sweat that comes within, I think.

leather couch4 leather couch6 leather couch leather couch9 leather couch11 leather couch16 leather couch15 leather couch14 leather couch12 leather couch7 leather couch8 leather couch10 leather couch3image source: pinterest


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