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Girl Crush: Natalie Hartley

Natalie Hartley Natalie Hartley15 Natalie Hartley18

Don’t get me wrong when I say crush, it didn’t happen suddenly or is going to go away soon. I’ve been an admirer of Natalie’s playful, quirky style for a long time now. For those of you who don’t know, she is the senior fashion editor of InStyle UK, and has a blog of her own where she shares moments from her life and ideas on fashion – or as she calls it “This page is not for me to dictate what you should be wearing but to offer ideas in how to put wearable outfits together on a lower budget”. Isn’t she swell? She has a unique aura and a whimsical, non-obvious beauty – supported with a distinctive styling method based on odd hemlines and tucked-in-pants layering. Every new photo of her helps me come up with at least 5 different outfits with the stuff I already own and some of her most inspirational shots were taken at least 2-3 years ago which shows that she has a very solid and timeless style sense.

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  1. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update says

    Like you said, there so much inspiration here – thanks for the introduction to Natalie’s amazing style!

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