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Under The Dome

sheer Umbrella Hanneli in a Rain Storm, Outside Alexander Wang Umbrella7

My initial intention was to make the title “Under my Umbrella” so the song could get stuck in your head all day long then I remembered how me and my best friend used to drive eachother crazy by texting “ella, ella, ella” in the middle of the day and I didn’t want all of you to hate me so instead I wrote it here which means if you are reading my posts I love you like my best friend!

Back to topic; I am not a “walking in the rain, heart heart heart” kinda person, I frankly hate rain and everything about it. I hate that it makes me depressy, I hate that it makes my hair frizzy, I hate humidity and soaking up everything on the street like a sponge and I hate that I have to occupy my good hand with an umbrella which is always a burden on me later. Though lately I have been thinking that an umbrella may be used as a complementary accessory to your outfit, to enliven the look or create a photographic background – provided that it’s big enough and has an automatic on-off mechanism. Why should I have to sacrifice the tip of my finger everytime I try to keep dry, right?

Umbrella4 Umbrella Umbrella6 Umbrella3 Umbrella2 Umbrella5 Two Rainy Day Looks, Outside Marni Umbrella8 Umbrella9 Umbrella13 Umbrella18 Umbrella16 Umbrella14 Umbrella15 Umbrella17 Umbrella19 Umbrellannaimage sources:, gastrochic,, le 21ieme, harper’s bazaar, advanced style,


  1. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update says

    Bravo to all these ladies for making rainy days look chic, and not like a soggy, frizzy-haired mess – inspiring indeed!

  2. Haha I guess I am slightly the opposite of you. I somehow love the mood of a rainy day! Perhaps it has to do with me living in a sunny tropical city like KL in Malaysia. It’s humid. We get rain so frequently, especially towards the end of the year! In fact, a storm is brewing as I write here:))

    But anyway, I guess I do know what you mean by getting all wet, and all, not a lovely sight (and cold too!) But hey, these women here seem to know how to make it look chic even under the weather ^_^

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