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Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal 2014

Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal26 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal7Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal28I’ve always admired Sophia Kokosalaki’s romantic, contemporary designs because who better to execute Grecian aesthetic than a Central Saint Martins graduate Greek, right? In fact it’s a good thing afterall that she is saving all her yearly talent for one evening wear collection; consisting of unique pieces with a great interpretation of groovy romantic. Floaty chiffons meeting sculptural structures and indifferent drapes, sometimes coming in the shape of a balloon baby-doll dress or a trouser-suit, the versatile collection is the dream of a modern woman who likes to create an indelible impression on her special day.

Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal2 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal12Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal41

Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal13 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal22Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal46 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal40


Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal18 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal31Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal43 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal44


Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal48 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal42 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal47 Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal49Sophia Kokosalaki Bridal45

sources: vogue uk, sophia kokosalaki facebook


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