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Warmer Than Dreams

ada kokosar sheepskin coatalexa chung shearling

So yeah, it’s officially winter here in Montreal and it’s not even November yet. My wit, which was bragging about the wonderful weather 2 weeks ago, has now broken into pieces – mainly because it’s already ice cold. Actually today, a facebook status update of a friend saying “Première neige” made me curse my French knowing brain and instead of opening the window I chose not to get out of my bed for hours. Summary: the winter in Canada is not pleasant. Summary no 2: I am always cold and all kinds of fur, shearling, sheepskin, angora, mohair, bouclé and eventually goose down are subjects to my warm and dry dreams.

grey sheepskin coat 3.1 phillip lim shearling coat

sheepskin layers

sheepskin coat harper's bazaar

sheepskin coat white sheepskin coatimage source: pinterest, tumblr


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    great post!
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