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The_Fashion_Medley_Oversize7 The_Fashion_Medley_Oversize9 The_Fashion_Medley_Oversize11I would like to – proudly – present my best vintage purchase EVER. This ah-ma-zing coat must have felt that there’s a girl in Montreal desperately waiting for her (she’s a she because she’s so beautiful) so I’m thinking she sneaked out of her previous owner’s closet and  made it all the way to be mine. I don’t know who was insane enough to let her go but I know that we will grow old together. I sweare to god that I won’t throw her away even when my children make fun of oversized stuff because I’m sure in 20 years this coat will be one of the very few items in my wardrobe that’s worth passing down.

The_Fashion_Medley_Oversize4 The_Fashion_Medley_OversizeThe_Fashion_Medley_Oversize5 The_Fashion_Medley_Oversize2 The_Fashion_Medley_Oversize6 The_Fashion_Medley_Oversize12White sweater Topshop (similar here and here)

Black tapered smart trousers Zara (similar here, here and here)

Grey oversized coat Vintage (similar here, here, here and here)

Leopard pumps Aldo (similar here and here)

Sunglasses Choies


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    It actually looks great on you!!! That’s the hardest thing about over-sized coats: finding one that looks good on us, not like we stole it from someone on the bus…:)

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