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Chuck Mate

converse pink coatconverse couple converse and camelIt is weird to talk about Chucks (aka Converse All Stars) as a new trend since they have been in my life ever since I first went to USA in 1999 (they weren’t sold in Turkey back then), it was love at first sight – I’m sure that small pair of red Chucks loved me as much as I loved them. Then in high school, an era when we didn’t know what ballet flats are and sneakers/heels weren’t in the picture for us so all we wore were loafers to school and Chucks on the weekends. That’s why I still have like 25 pairs of Converse All Stars, sadly most of them are weirdly painted in something extremely emo and nearly all of them are high tops, which is not easy to pull of as a short woman.

Luckily I still have a regular black pair (which plays the leading role in my Instagram shots) and they are almost worn out (my hubby accuses me of having a thousand pair of shoes and still insisting on wearing the Chucks everyday). I know they are not the most elegant pair in the world but why should I have to wear something else when a shoe this iconic has already been invented? (And omg how good are the blue pairs in the first picture?!)

elin kling converse converse9

converse converse casual

converse all redconverse with bikeimage sources: pinterest, collage vintage, twokools, harper’s bazaar, the sartorialist, columbine smille


  1. California Class says

    Chucks are the perfect go to sneaker for anything. ️Love this post.

  2. I like this post, goes to show how a casual pair of Chucks (I have a pair of Ed Hardy ones) can really make a formal dress look casual for the day time!

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