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20130822_HB_Costume_07_56806 20130822_HB_Costume_03_56402 20130822_HB_Costume_08_-5704Maria Gregersen by Henrik Bülow for Costume Magazine

20130822_HB_Costume_02_56305 20130822_HB_Costume_06_56707 20130822_HB_Costume_01_56211_03 20130822_HB_Costume_04_56508 20130822_HB_Costume_05_56701source: lookdepernille

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Domus Academy MA Fashion Management graduate. Living in Montréal, Quebec. Fashion marketing and PR specialist. Photography & illustration & fine arts enthusiast. Shopaholic, vintage freak, cookie monster.


  1. Hi, Can you help me out please???
    I receive your daily digest every day and love it, but particularly today as I’m in love with the snakeskin shoes in the first shot. They look like Vans, and I’ve done some research but can only find them with lace ups, not like these slip on ones from this shoot. As there are no caption details I was hoping you could help me by telling me who they are by and where I can buy them from, I’d greatly appreciate it as I LOVE them!!!

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