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Must Love Angora

tfmmohair2.jpgtfmmohair4.jpg tfmmohair12.jpgI was in NY when the H&M paris collection launched and despite the luggage room situation I bought some stuff because who knew if it would be sold in Montreal and even if it did, it may all be sold out. So after carrying a heavy-like-a-man luggage (I also carried a vintage coffee table, yeah really I did) I found out that it was actually sold in Montreal and everything was still on sale with each size… except the angora sweater! Yeah the only thing I bought from the collection was already completely sold out in Montreal – first time the Murphy’s law was not in the picture for me. And of course it did, a city with an average of -20 degree winter, everybody went nuts over the sweater dress. But who wouldn’t?! It is soo warm, sooooo cosy, black and so angora!! You have to have it, you have to love it!

tfmmohair7.jpg tfmmohair.jpg tfmmohair9.jpg tfmmohair11.jpgBlack angora sweater dress H&M Paris collection (get similar here and here)

Leopard pumps ALDO (get similar here, here and here)


  1. Serenity says

    Have you ever seen one of those Angora rabbits? I took one of the rabbits I used to have to a rabbit show we did one time and of course, they had those Angora rabbits there and I had never seen them. They are quite amazing! It seems they are huge puff balls but under all that fur is just a regular size rabbit. And there fur is so nice when it is cleaned up and stuff. Your sweater is pretty kool. Looks quite cozy. It took about one rabbit to make that sweater, believe it or not 🙂

  2. Coskun Hursel says

    Your smile in the third photograph sums it all: Cozy, soft and warm angora wraps you into a beautiful cocoon:)

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