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christine in leoplaid leoplaid driesvannotenleandra medine leoplaid When I was working as a store manager for one of Inditex brands, one of our responsabilities was the visual merchandising of the store – which basically is the art of displaying products. It is freakishly hard(er than you think) since every wall, table and stand has its own rule and when your product type and quantity doesn’t match those rules, you’re in hell. One of the unbreakable rules of merchandising was to NEVER put leopard, floral and plaid prints on the same table – which caused me quite some trouble since I always thought they would go well together. Well, I also dressed up the mannequins in sweaters and fur stoles but as it turns out that couldn’t be done too (fur stoles on coats only, yeah I know…). I don’t know if they’ve changed those rules at the store but on the streets, leoplaid is having the time of its life.

Not only the myth that they don’t go well together is cut down, it is THE print trend of the season to actually cause as much clash as possible. First put into practice by Leandra Medine last year – accompanied by gorgeous and even more contrasting Alaia heels – the idea turned into a trend thanks to Dries Van Noten’s (already unforgettable) SS2013 collection. We should embrace it as much as possible before it becomes one of the things our children will look at in the future and make fun of.

anna in leoplaidjules in leoplaid ???????????????????????????? giovanna leoplaid leoplaid in london leoplaid leoplaid2 leoplaid3 leoplaid4 lfw leoplaid whatwewear leoplaidimage sources: sincerely jules, whatwewear,, stockholm street style, the sartorialist, wayne tippetts,, polienne, harper’s bazaar, pinterest


  1. Love this post and the clashing! I work in a retail store part-time and when I do visual merchandising I always find it hard not to clash interesting patterns together; always told it is not visually appealing to customers (but it is to me!).

  2. Elif – There’s a saying in the art world that goes like this: It’s my project…I can do whatever I want! So if you want to mix plaids and leopard prints, you go right ahead!

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