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Caged In

tfmmafia.jpg tfmmafia3.jpg tfmmafia11.jpgI love autumn. Like freakin – can’t get enough, want to spend every minute walking on the streets and taking photos – love it. So much that obviously I bought %90 of my wardrobe just for this season. Trousers, pumps, tiny little boots, coat(ish)s, sweaters (sweaters, sweaters) and the holy layering! And before you know it, it’s all going to be over and I’ll be left with goose down overcoats, thermal underwear, corduroy skinnies and Dr. Martens. Believe it or not but I actually wear these stuff (and them only) for 4 months straight. Would it count if I change my outfit 5 times a day in october and don’t even get out of the house for the rest of the year?

tfmmafia4.jpgtfmmafia8 tfmmafia5.jpg tfmmafia7.jpgtfmmafia9.jpg tfmmafia12.jpgWhite turtleneck sweater Zara (get similar here, here and here)

Sheer shirt (worn under) H&M (get similar here and here)

Pinstriped navy trousers Mango (get similar here, here, here and here)

Blue pumps Forever21 (get similar here, here and here)

Cage sunglasses Choies


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